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Here are some typical questions I often get asked, but if you can’t find your answer please do not hesitate to get in touch!

  • How do I book?
    If you've decided that you're ready to take the plunge, visit my booking form here and fill out your details. Once you're finished, click send, and I will be in contact as soon as possible to arrange your shoot!
  • Where will my photoshoot take place?
    That's entirely up to you! I have some recommendations from my favourite Kentish locations, but can photograph just about anywhere in the country whether it's in ancient woodland, on the coast, or simply in your garden.
  • Can I be in the shoot?
    Whilst I am predominantly a pet photographer, I am more than happy to include you in some of the images too if preferred as these can create great memories.
  • When do I pay?
    Once you have filled out your booking details I will be in contact to make all the arrangements, from the date and time of the shoot to getting documents signed. Following these confirmations, I will ask you to make full payment via BACS transfer or PayPal to me. Your booking is confirmed once I have notified you that your full payment has been received. Please note, all payments include a £25 non-refundable deposit in case of cancellations and no rebooking being made. Further details can be found in the booking terms & conditions.
  • Is travel included in the price?
    Yes. I include an allowance of 45 minutes travel time to all shoots in the initial price. Shoots further afield are possible for an additional travel fee. Please contact me to arrange these.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    Unfortunately the weather cannot always be on our side, but you do not need bright sunshine and clear skies for lovely photographs - overcast lighting can still produce great results. I check the forecast frequently in the lead up to a shoot, and on occasions I may need to cancel shoots at short notice due to inclement weather, such as heavy rain or extreme temperatures - after all, your pet's welfare is super important to me. If this is the case, I will be happy to rearrange the shoot for a later date at no extra cost.
  • How many photographers am I paying for?
    Just me, myself and I. My glamorous assistant and partner, Ben, might join us if he's not working his day job. He's great with animals, and will help me out if your pet isn't playing ball!
  • What do I need to bring with me to my shoot?
    You can bring as little or as much to the photo session as you like, but I always recommend a sturdy pair of shoes or walking boots, wet weather clothing (just in case!), a bag of tasty treats, water for you and your pet, and your animal's favourite toys. A toy that squeaks always goes down a treat! If you have a training lead or long line, it might be beneficial to bring that along too.
  • I need to cancel! What are my options?
    I fully understand that there will be occasions where something important will crop up meaning you may need to cancel your shoot. If you do need to cancel, please try to let me know as soon as possible so that we can look to rearrange for another date. If we've tried to rearrange and you still can't make it, you always have the option of transferring your session to a friend or relative with a pet of their own. This comes at no extra cost to you - I just need their details! Please note all booking costs contain a £25 non-refundable deposit, which will be forfeited should you be unable to rebook, or transfer to a friend.
  • Can you photograph more than one animal at a time?
    Yes of course! Where there's more than one pet involved, I'll try to get a variety of individual and group shots. Please make sure you have specified that there will be multiple pets you wish to have photographed when booking, as if this has not been factored into the session fee then sadly I will be unable to photograph the additional animals - however much I might want to!
  • What pets do you photograph?
    Absolutely anything! I have experience photographing cats and dogs, but also have a wealth of experience photographing exotic animals - I used to be a zookeeper! If you would like to know more, get in touch.
  • What if my pet is badly behaved?
    Sometimes the naughtiest of pets can have the most character. Do not worry if your pet will not sit or follow commands, I can go with the flow. If your pet must stay on the lead, I am happy to edit this out of the images if desired. Unfortunately I cannot photograph animals that are dangerous or aggressive towards other humans. All animals attending a photoshoot must be kept under their owner's control at all times - this doesn't mean on the lead, but if they have poor recall (or are easily distracted by squirrels!) then this may be beneficial. On occasions there may be livestock grazing at some of my recommended locations, in particular Hothfield Common (usually cattle, ponies and sheep) and Hucking Estate (most commonly sheep). It is essential to keep your dog on a lead if livestock are present.
  • How do I view and download my photos?
    After the shoot I will curate an online gallery of all of your photos, and send you a link to view them. This will usually be within 14 days of your shoot, and means you can view them in the comfort of your own home. The images will all be downloadable and saveable, and will have been fully edited in my signature style. They are then yours to keep and do as you please with! The link will remain live for 28 days, allowing you to view and download them. After this time, the link will be deactivated.
  • How many photos will we get?
    This all depends on the package booked. I will always provide a minimum of 20 photos to choose from.
  • How long until we receive our pet photos?
    After the shoot I will curate an online gallery of all of your photos, and send you a link to view them. This will usually be within 14 days of your shoot, and means you can view them in the comfort of your own home. The images will all be downloadable and saveable, and will have been fully edited in my signature style. They are then yours to keep and do as you please with!
  • Do we get to keep all of the images?
    Yes. All of the images will be shared with you as high resolution jpeg files through an online gallery for you to keep, and share with your family and friends.
  • Will I get the RAW image files?
    Not the RAW files, but all of the images you will receive will be in jpeg format at the highest possible resolution. You will be able to get an idea of the quality of the images from the online gallery.
  • Can I post the images to my Facebook and Instagram?
    Please do! The photos are yours to keep. I would appreciate a tag or mention, but only if you want to.
  • I love my photos! Can I order prints from you?
    I'm glad you are happy with the photos. Yes you can! Whilst I haven't updated my website to include print ordering, I am able to offer prints, framed prints and canvas orders for your photos! Contact me to discuss pricing.
  • Can I pay monthly for print orders?
    Whilst photo sessions must be paid for up front, I am more than happy to arrange payment plans for products purchased after the shoot. This could include prints, framed prints, canvas products, or other photo displays. Contact me to discuss pricing.
  • Who takes the photos?
    Me, Melissa! Read a little more about me on my homepage!
  • Do you have pets of your own?
    Yes I do! I have a beautiful young Norwegian Forest Cat x Tabby named Binky. You might spot him featured in images on my website, Facebook and Instagram!
  • Why pet photography?
    Our first family companion was my black labradoodle, Bailey. I always took time to photograph him (whether he liked it or not!). I also worked as a zookeeper, and I would take my camera to work on my days off to photograph the animals. As more friends and family saw my photographs, the more suggestions I got that I should consider progressing my photography from being just a hobby to being a side income. I finally took the plunge in 2021, and hope you all enjoy the results of my work! Sadly Bailey passed in late 2021, but I now cherish all of the moments I took to capture his personality.
  • What camera and lenses do you use?
    I shoot with a Nikon D7200 24.2 MP and a variety of lenses to make sure I am equipped for any eventuality! My lenses include a 70-200mm, a 35mm and an 18-55mm.
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